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Wholesalers of domestic appliance spare parts

Terms and Conditions

Information detail throughout this site has been gathered with due diligence to ensure accuracy. However, Exsparetise Ltd. cannot accept responsibility for any alteration of specification, no matter how caused, or any errors, omissions or consequences thereof.

All reference to manufacturer's names or model or part numbers and any depiction by photographs or drawings are solely for reference and identification purposes. There is no connection or endorsement implied with original assemblers. Product specifications and availability are subject to change without notice.

Reproduction in part or whole of any part of this web site, including format presentation of individual pages, without prior written permission from Exsparetise Ltd. is inadmissible at law.



All prices, wherever showing, are subject to VAT at the current Irish rate - and may change without notice. However, Exsparetise do strive to achieve competitive and stable prices as a company policy but are from time to time subjected to price alterations outside of its control.  

Payment of Accounts

Various options are available according to relevant and individual circumstances.

These include:

A. Pro forma

B. Cash on collection

C. Credit card payments

D. End of month following with direct debit (DD accounts are given an additional 7 days credit and are awarded 2% discount automatically on payment..

E. By special arrangement

Potential customers are recommended to ask for details either directly with Exsparetise accounts department on

+353 (0)57 93202391 or your area sales representative.

Ownership of goods

Title to the Goods and Materials supplied shall remain with Exsparetise Limited until all monies due from the Customer to Exsparetise Limited or any of its subsidiaries on any account have been paid in full.


These must be reported within 48 hours of receipt of goods. Verbal messages must be confirmed in writing. Please fax or email invoice or delivery note showing discrepancy to Exsparetise on +353 (0)57 9351772 or


A. Finish Products Warranty terms and conditions are covered by the manufacturer. Dealers are advised to acquaint themselves, as the case may be, as each manufacturer may vary.

B. Original parts are generally not under warranty by the OEM as their policy is central to the fact they are not present at time of fitting and thus cannot assess the expertise of the fitter.

C. Exsparetise/Qualtex parts are fully warrantied as to fitness for purpose and in the rare event of 'Batch Fault' will be credited or replaced free of charge.

Should a part have clear and undeniable evidence of early failure it may be returned to Exsparetise. If the part is a special order item, you must first contact us for a returns number. Stocked items may be returned without a returns number. Please include a copy of invoice for the part being returned. Dealers should ensure there is no physical damage evident on the part concerned and be completely satisfied the return is justified, bearing in mind the very competitive prices Exsparetise implement on its products. Exsparetise prices are sustainable at very low levels because of its quality control systems virtually eliminate the possibility of early failure.

Additional Spares Warranty

We offer a 6 month warranty on Exsparetise/Qualtex spare parts.

Return of Stock

No goods may be returned for credit/exchange without prior agreement unless Exsparetise have supplied in error and evidence of this must be provided. Goods so proved as supplied in error should be returned without delay. In case of difficulty contact our head office or sales representative. Stock returns are subject to 15% handling charge and must be returned in good condition.

Special Orders

Special order items are items which we do not normally keep in stock. These can be specially ordered at no extra cost. They usually take between 3-5 working days but may take longer. Special orders can occasionally be cancelled before the relevant company has processed our order. To attempt this you MUST email stating the details of the part you would like to cancel. Our special orders dept. will attempt to cancel however this is rarely possible. Once we know the outcome, we will let you know by reply email if it is already processed and on the way to you or if we have been able to cancel f or you.


Account orders placed before 4pm will be delivered the next working day.

Please Note: All modules and timers are non returnable